19 Jul 2013

Summertime Fun! Cool-Aid!


Beat the heat this summer with this refreshing drink, as a healthy alternative to the classic drink we all grew up drinking, known as Kool-Aid.


Who doesn’t remember the Kool-Aid Man, or the sugary sweet drink from their childhood? 

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12 Feb 2013

Welcome to Our Classroom

Hi!  Welcome to our classroom!  This is a tour of our school room.  It is the main space where we do our studies.  We have a couple of other rooms that we use also, that will be in a follow-up post, the Art/Science room, and our Library.  We recently moved in to this house, and those two rooms are not finished yet.  Coming soon!

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19 Mar 2014

Puffin Academy app

I just have to share an amazing educational app that I just stumbled upon!  First of all, iPhones and iPads don’t support flash player, so I was installing Puffin Free, which is a free app that solves that problem , (in the off – peak hours 8pm -4am).  While purchasing and installing that app, I came across an app by the same developers that is free for parents, teachers, and is for educational purposes.  It looks AWESOME !  I haven’t really had a chance to explore the whole site, but it is full of free online learning games and sites that are all in one place for whenever you want to get your children engaged in online learning activities. It is divided into subjects for convenience.  I strongly advise any and all homeschool parents to check it out!  It would appear to be good for hours of fun and learning!  I will be back after I check out some of these sites with my kiddos and see which ones are our favorites!  Then I can give my recommendations as to which ones we think are best.


Have FUN and Enjoy the journey!


PicMonkey Sample(1)

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31 Dec 2013

Montessori Gratitude Bowl



I’ve recently started going back to school online to become certified as a Montessori teacher, to give my children a better foundation in Montessori, and hopefully a better start in life!  The Montessori Method is a great way to start children out learning all kinds of skills, and helping them in the development of reaching their full potential.  One of the areas in which children are taught in Montessori is Grace and Courtesy.

One of the best ways that I can think of to teach young children Grace an Courtesy, is to teach them gratitude.  Learning to be thankful and use manners, and ultimately express gratitude and love are the lessons which will stick with them forever, and guide them to a happier and more fulfilling life.  One of the best things that we can do for our kids, is to lead by example of being gracious and being thankful for all of the blessings each day.

In our home, we are starting a new tradition in this coming year.  We are starting a Gratitude Bowl.

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09 Sep 2013

Your Child’s Very Own Comic Book



Well, I FINALLY found a way to get my First Grade son excited about learning to read and write.  It took a little thought, and some preparation, but I finally figured out a way to make it fun enough for him to want to do, without any arguments!  I found the above Picture Story Chart Tablet at Walmart for just a few dollars.  I snatched it up, among some other fun supplies which I will show you later.  I am so glad I bought one, and I will be going back again soon, to pick up a few more of these!

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31 Aug 2013

God Gives You What You Need in Times of Sorrow


This post is a follow up to my last post “Losing My Uncle Ben: More than He Could Handle”.  Please feel free to read that one first, if you are not quite sure what in the world I am talking about in this one.  Thanks!

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31 Aug 2013

Losing My Uncle Ben: More Than He Could Handle

1293483_439200429531518_1972995186_oToday has been one unexpected event after another.  I had to get up to rush around to get ready  to go to the chiropractor.   The other night, my 6-year-old son missed a step at the top of the stairs, and fell all the way down them, and had mentioned that his neck hurt.  So, today I was getting ready, and missed a phone call from both my mom and one of my cousins.  I then received texts from both of them saying that they had something important to tell me about something that had happened in the family.   I got to the chiropractor with both of my boys, got them checked in, and seated them on the couch in the office.  I then decided to call my mom to see what was going on.   It was then that I was informed that my uncle Ben had committed suicide.  He had hung himself either late last night or early this morning.  I cried and shook as the receptionist hugged me.  I am still in shock right now, as I write this.  

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31 Aug 2013

Back to School: 1st Grade & Scribble School


Well, we’ve had a long summer break, and Ethan made some new friends, but fall is quickly approaching and all good things must come to an end.  His friend that he spent all summer playing with has already returned back to public school.  We have done some school activities here and there, to slowly get back in to the swing of things.  I remember when the public school kids use to go back to school after Labor Day.  We are officially starting back to a full schedule this Tuesday, the day after Labor Day.  Here is one of the fun activities that we have done recently, to ease back in to our groove of homeschooling.   We have many fun and educational things to share with you…coming soon! 

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05 Aug 2013

Amazon egiftcard Giveaway!

I had a Facebook party this weekend, to launch my new website, where my good friend Jenn, (from over at Upside Down Kids), and I gave a bunch of fun tips and ideas to help busy moms around the house, save time and money, and make school time fun!  We also gave out a bunch of FREEBIES, which felt good to be able to give out to help other homeschool moms save money and get cool stuff, ebooks, learning games, cool kids clothes, and so much more!  In celebration of me launching my new website, and Jenn launching her new blog, we have decided to team up and continue to bring you, our fans, the best deals and freebies whenever we run across them, to help make your lives a little easier.  Please be sure to like our pages, follow our blogs, and follow us on other social sites, like Pinterest and Twitter!  We really do appreciate each and every one of our fans, and will continue to bring you fun posts with cool ideas and tips to make your children’s day more FUN.  Please follow us, and be among those we call our friends, as we can all use the extra support on the homeschooling journey.  So, friends, here is our giveaway to you!  one lucky fan will win 3 $5 Amazon egiftcards, just for LIKING and FOLLOWING us!  That’s a free $15 dollars for you to spend on Amazon how ever you want!  Good luck!

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13 Jul 2013

Summertime Fun 2013

Here at The Climbing Tree Academy, we have been taking a summer break, since we live in  the Midwest and are trapped inside during most of the winter.   Mommy doesn’t like the cold, and therefore becomes a hermit.  Besides, I don’t like braving the icy roads because most of the people here act like they forgot how to drive in the wintertime.  I am also a bit of a germaphobe, and since not all parents keep their kids home while they are sick, (and contagious), I do not take them out much to get all of the cold and flu germs that are going around out in the community.  Well, since  we stay in all winter, I decided that instead of doing formal homeschooling year-round, that I would give my 6 year old and my 1 year old some much needed summertime FUN!  Here are just a few pics of what we’ve been up to so far:

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31 May 2013

Kids in the Kitchen: Flourless Cashew Butter Cookies


This recipe is so simple!  It is only 3 ingredients!  1 Cup Cashew Butter

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