Hi!  Welcome to our classroom!  This is a tour of our school room.  It is the main space where we do our studies.  We have a couple of other rooms that we use also, that will be in a follow-up post, the Art/Science room, and our Library.  We recently moved in to this house, and those two rooms are not finished yet.  Coming soon!

We have a space/rocket ship theme that just happened to come together very nicely!  I found this poster and chart at our local Dollar Tree store.  I LOVE that store!  My hubby hates it, because I can easily spend $50 in there, just on homeschool supplies!


My mother gave me this table and chairs that she had at her old house when my nephew was little.  She thought that we could use them in our classroom.  Thanks mom!

Then, I happened to find this picture in frame at our local Children’s consignment shop, marked down from $19.95 from Kohl’s, to $2.49.  It looks brand new!  I LOVE finding deals!

I came across this Little Einstein’s rocket ship stuffed toy that my mother had gotten for Logan the Christmas before.  I had my hubby hang it with some clear fishing line that I had gotten.


Here are our shelves of workbooks/books on Science, Math, History, and Arts & Craft projects.  Up above are the dry erase board, chalkboard, CD player, plush train which holds our CDs, with my filing cabinet and printer in between.  Also, the small wooden nightstand that my carpenter hubbby made me for Valentine’s Day one year sits next to my filing cabinet with some crates of flashcards on top.



Here is the view of behind the shelves, where you see my desk, and one of the two 10 drawer carts that we purchased for when the boys can each work a little more independently, as I will be able to put each subjects assignments in each drawer in the cart.


Back to the center of the room, here is the top of the front of the shelves that hold most of our reading books in the fabric boxes, and the plastic crates next to the shelf.  On top of the shelf are 3 trays that we use as outbox, inbox, and other, for assignments for the days work that needs to be completed.

Here is part of our United States rug that I got from Target.  My two boys love to play on the floor together in the classroom.  They are playing with bristle blocks here, also from Target.  In the bottom 3 cubbies of this shelf, I keep trays of toys that are age-appropriate for Logan to play with that keep him engaged in learning through play, while I work with his big brother, Ethan.

Here are our comfy beanbag chairs that we sit in and have story time every morning.  I read aloud to them while they wake up fully to start the day.  Their  favorite right now is The Complete Tales and Poems of Winnie the Pooh!  Behind the beanbag chairs, are the children’s “Reading Buddies”for them to hold while listening to a story.

Here is the cubby shelf that I have the little board books for Logan to look at that I tell him what each of the picture are in them or read a little board book to him while Ethan is working on something.  Those light blue canvas boxes in the white shelf are also full of board books that are bigger and won’t fit in the small cubbies.

These cubbies are full of clear containers of different items that we use in our classroom that are the same, as to keep like things together.  Here is our TV & DVD player to watch educational DVDs or to keep little Logan occupied, while I teach Ethan a lesson that we are working on.

Here is our really cool talking map, that tells us all kinds of neat information about each state, capitals, presidents, etc. It even tells you how many electoral votes you need for each state.  We are going to get the talking world map soon.

This is the table that Ethan sits at to complete his work or play his educational games on his notebook, with a stool for me to sit on next to him to help him, if needed.

Here is a wooden toy that Logan enjoys playing with, the Zany Zoo!  It has different features around the entire box, so if he gets tired of one side, we just turn it around.  He never does get tired of this toy tough.  Also from Target.

Well, that concludes the tour of our main classroom of The Climbing Tree Academy, but ultimately as homeschoolers, I think we can all agree that the world is our classroom!   Please stop back by to see our Art/Science room, & our Library.  Read what one of my homeschool buddies had to say on this subject here.



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